40PÉS is an integrated, collaborative and innovative management software, dedicated exclusively to the freight transport sector.

The next step towards sustainability
for the entire freight transport ecosystem.


Operation centralization in one site

Have everything organized and accessible by your team, anywhere and using any mobile device


Tecnologic innovation

Experienced team that thinks "out of the box" using and mastering cutting edge technology


Trusted partners

A community with whom you can do business


Integration with the main billing systems

Don't waste time billing. 40 PÉS reduces by 50% to 60% the time it currently takes to bill


Contact with your team on the ground

The information that matters instantly to your employees through our mobile application or sending SMS's


Automatic validation of subcontractors' invoices

Complete integration of your carriers' invoices with automatic validation capability


Integrated location system

Integrated GPS for a differentiated user experience. Track the execution of your service, share with your customer and know exactly hours of loading and unloading


Advertise available cargo and / or cars

Occupy empty space or find who can transport your cargo by subcontracting with ease and the certainty that the transport will be carried out

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Take your business to the next level.

Mobility and remote work, without loss of performance and in complete safety.

We lead technological innovation in the transport industry.

Before 40PÉS = Confusion

antes do 40pés

40Pés = Speed and Organization

How do we solve the problem?
All in one place!

antes do 40pés

Offers the best of both worlds:
keeps your company organized and productive and is a platform always linked to the market, providing more business


40PÉS brings together, in a single platform, all the stakeholders of freight transport. Carriers , freight forwarders , agencies and depots .

Provides a collaborative marketplace for cargo sharing , services or cars and thus work in an integrated manner, saving time and money, optimizing free spaces and < strong> avoiding empty returns .


Service launch , track and trace , communication with drivers and permanent updates of useful information for the management and monitoring process are distinguishing factors that 40PÉS offers you.

It provides reliable information for managers and operators in the various departments (traffic, commercial, fleet, operations and finance) to make the right decisions at the right time. 40PÉS provides you with a powerful algorithm that provides automated information to support decision making.


Integrates with the most well-known ERP on the market

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