Frequently asked questions

No. 40 PÉS is a collaborative management software platform, with the added value of being able to have advertisements and share services. It is not a freight exchange, as we do not charge any margin for the service, do not mediate, nor guarantee payments.
Yes, it is possible to advertise cargo and vehicles, as well as respond to advertisements. It is also possible to give and receive charges, working collaboratively with your customers or suppliers.
40PÉS does not need to be certified by the tax authority, but integrates with all the main certified software, namely: PHC, Primavera, Masterway, Invoice Express, Moloni, Sage One, Toc Online, among others.
No. 40 PÉS integrates with its current billing software, allowing you to issue invoices in an integrated and certified manner, without leaving our platform. We chose to specialize in the creation of integrated management software for the transport sector, not wasting time on making software that already exists with proven track records.
You just need to have a device with internet access. 40PÉS works with maximum security in the cloud, simply accessing it through a link, allowing you to access and work, wherever you are, without any additional installation or configuration.
From € 3 per vehicle/month. At 40Pés you only pay for what you use. It has a monthly subscription associated with the number of vehicles and / or users, flexible according to needs.
No. You have a 14-day free trial. Register here
No. Pay only what you use. He gives up when he wants and resumes when he wants.